?? incorporate CA businessFacts About Incorporating Your CA Business

What corporate structure is best for me?

Each type of corporate structure has its benefits. There is no right or wrong choice for each business, a lot of it depends on what types of products or services your company will provide. We conduct a business analysis and help you decide on which structure best suits your individual needs.

How long does incorporating usually take?

We can handle the filing of your corporation over the phone, e-mail, or fax. Your business will be incorporated the following business day after your payment has been received! You will be able to open your corporate bank account after the documents have been filed. You will receive your corporate book within 10 business days.


How can incorporating my CA business save me money on taxes?

A business that is incorporated will save thousands of dollars each year on taxes because the tax rate for corporations is only 15% on the first $50,000 of profit versus 25-30% that the sole proprietor will pay. Corporations are also eligible for tax deductions that don’t apply to sole proprietors.


Does incorporating my business protect my house from lawsuits?

Yes! Once you have incorporated your business, your personal assets including your home, vehicles, savings accounts, 401K’s, college funds, etc. can not be levied in order to pay for lawsuits brought on against your business.


Why am I more likely to get audited working as a sole proprietor?

Statistics show that sole proprietors file incorrect tax returns more often than corporations. Oftentimes they under report their income, over report their deductions and the returns are mostly self-prepared. Because of this, the IRS is ten times more likely to audit a sole proprietor than they are a corporation.


How will incorporating help me establish a professional identity?

Incorporating your business proves legitimacy to potential customers, vendors as well as investors. Corporations must adhere to the formalities set forth by the state and federal government. Being incorporated can help differentiate your business from your competition allowing you to acquire larger contracts.

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