How to Start a Business in California

How to Start a Business in California

How To Start a Business in California

Here is some information about how to start a business in California. When you start a business in California, the first decision a business owner must make is to decide which […]

Accounting Glossary

make-it-easyHere are some basic accounting terms and concepts that are applicable to most standard accounting systems and small businesses.

Accounting  – The process of recording, classifying, reporting, and interpreting financial data of an organization.

Account – An accounting devise used to record and summarize increases and decreases in revenue, expense, asset, liability, and equity […]

Diversified Business Solutions – About Us

QB_transparent-104Your Quick Books accounting experts!

We opened in 2001 with the hopes of being the best accounting solution for small to medium size business owners. We are a Sacramento based Accounting firm servicing clients throughout the United States. We recognize that each of our clients have unique goals and tailor our services […]

5 Unconventional Ways To Use Your Financial Accounts

money-case-163495_6405 Unconventional Ways To Use Your Accounts

Thanks to Erik Carter and Forbes.com for this recent financial article. Original article here.

If you know anything about 401(k)s, IRAs, and HSAs, you probably know that the first two are for retirement savings and the last is for health care expenses. However, these […]

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5 Accounting Mistakes You Should Avoid

chaos-391652_640Accounting mistakes can be costly to your small business.  It is so important to keep adequate records and stay organized. Avoid these mistakes and your business will keep moving in the right direction.

1. Not keeping invoices organized:

An invoice tracking procedure ensures you can quickly see who owes you money, how much […]

Tips For Using QuickBooks Online

Certified-AdvisorStarting A Business: Tips For Using QuickBooks Online

Thanks to Forbes.com and Tom Taulli for this article.  This is a repost from Forbes online.

From the article:

One of my clients uses a spreadsheet to keep track of the finances for his business. But as should be no surprise, it has turned out […]

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Why Should You Use A QuickBooks Professional

April500x750-e1373310548238QuickBooks Professional

If you are seeking high QUALITY, RELIABLE accounting services (for individuals and) for your small to medium sized business at an affordable price, look no further! DBS will take the headache out of accounting for your business and give you more time to do what you do best – managing […]

Facts About Incorporating Your CA Business

?? incorporate CA businessFacts About Incorporating Your CA Business

What corporate structure is best for me?

Each type of corporate structure has its benefits. There is no right or wrong choice for each business, a lot of it depends on what types of products or services your company will provide. We conduct a […]

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Expectations For Your Bookkeeper

bookkeeper expectationsExpectations for your bookkeeper

Almost all people who run their own successful business have a bookkeeper who ensures that everything balances and that the amount of money being paid to the taxman is correct in relation to your income after non countable expenses. You should set certain expectations for your bookkeeper […]

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How To Prepare For An Audit

prepare for an auditHow to prepare for an audit

There are certain things you need in order to prepare for an audit to ensure it is successful and takes as little time as possible. The aims of an audit are to pin point parts of the business and the way it runs […]

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